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                                          2016-03-03 中国测试刘丽辉, 谢瑞芳, 陈棣湘, 田武刚, 周卫红, 翁飞兵
                                          摘  要:针对飞机发动机涡轮叶片缺陷检测难度大、效率低、严重制约航空装备保障的问题,设计一套基于ARM和FPGA的双核电磁无损检测系统。该系统采用FPGA结合A/D采样芯片完成64通道数据采集,并以基于android系统的ARM实现对各功能单元的控制。FPGA控制A/D采样芯片完成传感器阵列的高速数据采集并对其进行预处理,经UART接口送给ARM后,再由ARM完成信号特征提取和缺陷检测,并实现三维实时成像。测试结果表明:该系统对微裂纹的长度检测误差<0.2 mm,成像速率达10帧/s,满足工业应用需求。
                                          文献标志码:A       文章编号:1674-5124(2016)01-0065-04
                                          Double-core electromagnetic nondestructive testing system based on
                                          ARM and FPGA
                                          LIU Lihui, XIE Ruifang, CHEN Dixiang, TIAN Wugang, ZHOU Weihong, WENG Feibing
                                          (College of Mechatronics and Automation,National University of Defense Technology,
                                          Changsha 410073,China)
                                          Abstract: A double-core electromagnetic nondestructive testing system was designed to check the turbine blades of aircraft engines in an easier and more efficient way. Specifically, FPGA with an A/D sampling chip was used to complete 64-channel data acquisition and ARM with an android operating system was chosen to control each function unit. First, the chip was driven by the FPGA to acquire data at a high speed and then have them pre-treated. Second, after the data was further sent to the ARM through an UART interface, signal features were extracted and defects inspected with the ARM. Eventually, a 3D real-time image was formed. The Test results have shown that, the system, with an error rate less than 0.2 mm and an imaging rate as fast as 10 frames/s when used to measure the length of micro cracks, can meet the application requirements in some industries.
                                          Keywords: nondestructive testing; double core; multi-channel data acquisition; data fusion
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